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Aaaaand Scene

I think this is it for now. It’s getting too miscellaneous, and I’m ready to drop. I’m sure there are more errors in the latest batch, but I can now take my time cleaning them up all in one place, instead of digging through moldy files.

A few old ones that first saw print years ago:

  • Nutrimancer (my Neuromancer parody)
  • Your Style Guide–Use It Wisely (from Semiotext[e], one that people come up to me regularly and tell me they’ve read, even if they’ve read nothing else of mine)
  • Terror Fan (originally “Terror’s Biggest Fan,” a title I hate)

And then some first timers:

  • Dollchurch (style over substance as only a 19 year old can manage)
  • Rattleground (as promised, the one Reg Bretnor bought but which was later bounced from The Future at War)
  • Nether Reaches (a weird sf-horror piece I wrote to be read aloud about 20 years ago, never before in print)

If you see me posting more old stories at this point, feel free to slap me. The only exception is if I can find a copy of “Total Conversion,” a story I had in F&SF that I’m not seeing in the expected location, which means it is probably in a box inside another box inside a mystery wrapped in bacon…



All My Favorite Fruit

Camper Van Beethoven is up there in the top few of my all-time favorite bands. I was lucky enough to get the chance to interview lead singer and songwriter David Lowery at the end of the Key Lime Pie tour, and the fruit of that conversation was an article in Mondo 2000. But I recently came across the complete transcript of the interview, most of which has not seen print until now.


Some of Dis, Samizdat

I’ve never really self-published anything of mine, but I have engaged in a bit of self-samizdat. Which is to say, first I banned a work of mine from publication (well, ok, I couldn’t sell it), then I circulated it privately in manuscript form to a handful of friends (at their request…I didn’t force these things on anyone).

Here are three that I passed around but have never made public until now. I don’t believe they are publishable. But they’re passable.

Written around the same time as the Hamptons story, another spurred by my immersion in Long Island history. This one was published in a small press magazine, but was riddled with OCR scan errors and I never got a chance to proof it. So this version is, at least in that sense, improved.



Five Easy Reader Pieces

Five more stories posted today. Several of these were written in the last two decades for a change, so I already had digital copies. The grueling task of cleaning up scans might be approaching its end. (Well…except for the novels. But I can’t bear to think about those just yet.)

  • Great Breakthroughs in Darkness
    • The weirdest of my photography themed stories. Written for the resurrected New Worlds.
  • To Lie Between the Loins of Perky Pat
    • The only salvageable bit of an old novel featuring Philip K. Dick, which was also my first internet publication, as it was posted on the Dark Carnival Online site in the early days of posting things on the internet. Best viewed with Netscape Navigator!
  • The Frigid Ilk of Sarn Kathool
    • A rare excuse to goof around in Clark Ashton Smith mode.
  • Forget You
    • A story entirely inspired by cats getting in and out of laps.
  • Bonfires
    • A story entirely inspired by a hiphop song about having fun on the beach at night. I like to think this story is the complete opposite of that.


The Gargoyle’s Handbook

I have posted the complete run of stories of Gorlen Vizenfirthe, bard with a gargoyle’s hand, and his former-nemesis-now-buddy Spar, gargoyle with a bard’s hand. They’re posted here in chronological order, earliest first, which is also basically the order in which they were written.

This is all there are so far.¬† I’ve got another in progress but it has been kicking my ass for a couple years and seems bent on continuing to do so.


Mad Wind

A long story, set in what in the ’80s I imagined to be present-day Africa, originally intended as the opening of a novel, though by the time I placed the story at the beautiful small press literary magazine Century, I had long since given up on that idea. Let’s just say I felt lucky to even have pulled off this portion of it (to the extent I did (which is arguable)). Not many readers could have encountered this one.


Leng Along

I almost forgot this one:

Leng does not take kindly to being forgotten and will compel your attendance in dreams if you do not shape up.