Dad’s Nuke

First published in 1985, this satiric suburban take on cyberpunk imagined a rapidly approaching future that is now rapidly dwindling in our rear-view mirror: The far-flung year of 1998.

Against a background of anarchy and apocalypse, white suburban families have withdrawn into fortified enclaves, where they struggle to conform in a world where life has accelerated to a blur. No longer questioning what lies beyond their compound, they occupy themselves with domestic chores, virtual fantasies, and the occasional neighborhood arms race.

William D. “Dad” Johnson, cantankerous patriarch of the Johnson clan, ought to be a figurehead of his staunchly generic community. Instead, he finds himself in the role of rebel, at odds with his neighbors as well as his family, once he begins to question the designs of the sinister Dr. Edison in shaping every aspect of their lives. It’s easier, after all, than questioning his own values.

This marks the first ebook publication of Dad’s Nuke.



“[A]n inventive and energetic satire reminiscent of the work of Philip K. Dick.”

—Publishers Weekly

“Laidlaw’s first novel pokes vicious fun at a world where high-tech runs rampant. A macabre debut.”

—Library Journal

“If you have doubts about where our society is headed—and Pogo said it best—this is must reading. And it rates 4 out of 5 on the chuckle-meter.”

—UPI Book Reviews

“Deft in its portrayal of family interactions, sometimes diverting but more often depressing.”

—Kirkus Reviews