Underneath the Oversea

The ocean is rising… Straight up!


“On a bluff above the sea lived a gargoyle, a tree, two bards, and their various children.”

Gorlen and Plenth, the wandering bards in question, have quit a life of rambling to raise their daughter Aiku in peace at the edge of a curious sea. Aiku’s other father is the gargoyle Spar, who is also husband to a songwood tree and father to a young grove. It’s no more unusual than most families, and their life no less ordinary…until one extraordinary day, when the messenger birds Aiku loves begin to deliver ominous notes and soon flap away in a frenzy, like a storm fleeing before an even greater storm.

Their warning, meant only for birds, becomes clear to all when the ocean abandons its bed and sails into the sky, carrying off all its denizens (not to mention every ship), while revealing an eerie land of murk and mystery below.

While some might hesitate to plunge into that vaporous realm, for our heroic parents, waiting is not an option.

For even as the ocean rose, Aiku was carried off to the lands beneath it, caught in a conflict between elder guardians and illicit sorceries. With no idea what they’re getting themselves into, our bards and gargoyle head straight into the dim new world.

Will the levitating sea crash down again and drown them? Or might it float away to the stars, taking Aiku with it?

Only in the depths beneath the Oversea, at a place of power where ancient forces forgotten and forbidden converge, will all the pieces and the players come together.

The tides, and the stakes, have never been higher.

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White Spawn

Adolescence can be terrifying. The monsters under the bed that frightened us in childhood are replaced by deeper fears, monsters all the more terrible because they just might be real. Kayla’s family has moved to a rural community, and things aren’t great at home. She feels cut off from the real world, and she’s always fighting with her new stepfather. Then one day she discovers a dying salmon on the bank of a stream…

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The 37th Mandala

The author of The Orchid Eater returns with a horror novel about mandalas and what they mean to people–including Michael Renzler, who is obsessed with them, and Elias Mooney, who believes they are the root of all evil.

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The Orchid Eater

Sunshine and surfing. Drugs and grenades. Streetwise preachers and serial killers. There’s a reason the words “troubled” and “youth” go together. Mike James may be young but it would be a stretch to call him troubled. He’s never been laid. He fears he never will be. The only fact of life that seems inevitable is […]

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It is September 9, 2050. The great state of California is turning two hundred. And it is anything but coincidence that at midnight on the eve of the bicentennial, a child named Calafia Figueroa is born in a flagrant grab at publicity. Born…and then immediately kidnapped by a shadowy cult with its own ideas about […]

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Neon Lotus

A finalist for the 1988 Philip K. Dick award, Neon Lotus is a colorful adventure of Buddhist cosmology set in a futuristic Tibet. It begins with the assassination of a Tibetan scientist, creator of a “Bardo Device” that tags and follows souls from one life to the next. Identifying this soul’s next incarnation as the […]

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Dad’s Nuke

First published in 1985, this satiric suburban take on cyberpunk imagined a rapidly approaching future that is now rapidly dwindling in our rear-view mirror: The far-flung year of 1998. Against a background of anarchy and apocalypse, white suburban families have withdrawn into fortified enclaves, where they struggle to conform in a world where life has […]

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The Third Force: A Novel of Gadget

Written as a tie-in to the 1993 adventure computer game Gadget, The Third Force tells the story of Elena Hausmann, chief librarian at the Imperial Library and member of the titular Third Force, an underground resistance group attempting to overthrow Lord Paulo Orlovsky, dictator of the Empire. Elena’s discoveries about the mysterious green ore that is used by […]

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