Interview: Marc Laidlaw on “The Ghost Penny Post”

From April 2016, concerning my Victorian game-themed story, “The Ghost Penny Post,” in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction.

The Press Start to Play Interviews: On “Roguelike”

From August 2015, a few words on my story “Roguelike” in the Press Start to Play anthology.

An Interview With Marc Laidlaw

From February 2015, interview with “Gus Fring” for 100TB Blog.

Interview: Marc Laidlaw, Writer of Half-Life and Dota 2

From 2014(ish), an interview with Dan Griliopoulos for Show Me the Games.

Author Spotlight: Bellweather

From the September 2013 of Lightspeed Magazine, a brief interview about my story “Bellweather.”

Author Spotlight: Bonfires

From the April 2013 issue of Nightmare Magazine, a brief interview about my story “Bonfires.”

Interview with Marc Laidlaw: The Writer of Half-Life

From 2012, interview for New Rising Media.

Interview: Marc Laidlaw, creator of Half-Life

From October 2010, an interview with Matt London for Lightspeed Magazine.

Interview de Marc Laidlaw

From May 2010, interview for a French gaming site (my answers are obviously in English!)

Reading the Text: Marc Laidlaw

From June 2009, an interview for Grinding to Valhalla.

Half-Life 10th Anniversary Interview

From November 2008, an interview with the erstwhile GameSpy.

Interview re Closed Captions

From 2006, a short interview about accessibility issues, and our work on a closed caption system for deaf gamers.

Jim Munroe interviews Marc Laidlaw

From March 2005,  a rare interview conducted in person (rather than via email), this one by Jim Munroe at the Game Developers Conference.

Valve Software Interview: Marc Laidlaw

From October 2003, interview with John Yan for Gaming Nexus.

Marc Laidlaw on Story and Narrative

From August 2003, while we were working on Half-Life 2, an interview conducted for Gamasutra by Simon Carless.

“Writing the Game.”

From 1999, shortly after shipping Half-Life, an interview with the popular game journalist, Jason Bergman (aka Loonyboi).

“The Best Zoo in the Universe”

From 1997, one of the first game industry interviews I did, this one with Simon (h01) Carless who followed up a few years later in the Gamasutra interview from 2003.

Half-Life: Preliminary Findings

Video snippet from a promotional disk we released before shipping Half-Life. I still have and wear that Eightball shirt!