The 37th Podcast

Hitting your favorite podcast platform today, a fresh interview I did with A Book & Its Author.

The most amusing this about this is that this turned out to be episode 37 of the podcast, which, well…

Back in the ’80s, before I wrote THE 37TH MANDALA, I was already obsessed with the number 37. Writing that book helped me get the obsession out of my system, but until I had done that, in the mid ’90s, my weird interest in it just grew and grew. At some point, I was contacted by a pair of brothers, college students, who wanted to interview me for a little literary magazine they edited called CRIME CLUB. The Oxoby Brothers and I had a few fun exchanges in the course of which I ranted a bit about 37.

A few months ago, Marc Oxoby got in touch, wondering if I might remember good ol’ Crime Club. Of course I did! And he has been conducting a literary podcast for…36 episodes so far. Marc and I arranged to do an interview over Zoom, to which he has appended a few other items of sonic interest, including a reading from UNDERNEATH THE OVERSEA.

You can find the podcast wherever you find podcasts, or simply right here.