Aaaaand Scene

I think this is it for now. It’s getting too miscellaneous, and I’m ready to drop. I’m sure there are more errors in the latest batch, but I can now take my time cleaning them up all in one place, instead of digging through moldy files.

A few old ones that first saw print years ago:

  • Nutrimancer (my Neuromancer parody)
  • Your Style Guide–Use It Wisely (from Semiotext[e], one that people come up to me regularly and tell me they’ve read, even if they’ve read nothing else of mine)
  • Terror Fan (originally “Terror’s Biggest Fan,” a title I hate)

And then some first timers:

  • Dollchurch (style over substance as only a 19 year old can manage)
  • Rattleground (as promised, the one Reg Bretnor bought but which was later bounced from The Future at War)
  • Nether Reaches (a weird sf-horror piece I wrote to be read aloud about 20 years ago, never before in print)

If you see me posting more old stories at this point, feel free to slap me. The only exception is if I can find a copy of “Total Conversion,” a story I had in F&SF that I’m not seeing in the expected location, which means it is probably in a box inside another box inside a mystery wrapped in bacon…