Bruno Dumont’s Top Musical Numbers

  1. The funeral song in Li’l Quinquin. Impossible to ever imagine anything shaking it from the top spot.
  2. I probably shouldn’t number these because they’re all so great. And also I’m undoubtedly forgetting some. So let’s not say this is a comprehensive list, but maybe just a reason to watch some Bruno Dumont movies.
  3. The young Jeanne’s songs in Jeannette: The Childhood of Joanne of Arc
  4. The reprise of the funeral song in Li’l Quinquin, at the actual concert.
  5. Is there a musical number in Coincoin and the Extra Humans?
  6. The whole reason I’m writing this thing: Just watched Hadewijch, after years of having it my queue, and there are two fantastic musical numbers in it: An outdoor show with accordion, sax, electric bass and guitar, that just builds and builds, and reminded me how these are some of my favorite things in Dumont’s movies; and a performance in a church that is beautiful and charming.
  7. I haven’t seen all Bruno Dumont’s films yet, so there might be other musical numbers that I haven’t encountered. Doesn’t seem likely there’d be one in Hors Satan. I own Joan of Arc but haven’t watched it yet…have seen no indication that there’s any musical spectacle in there.
  8. Does Slack Bay end with a big musical number? That final scene on the beach…maybe?
  9. I’m glad I didn’t make this a Top Ten.