“The Finest, Fullest Flowering” at Nightmare Magazine

“The Finest, Fullest Flowering” has been slated to appear in the June issue of Nightmare Magazine.

Here is the opening:

A sour note shrieked from the limousine’s speakers, making Milston’s fingers curl in his lap. He took a moment to compose himself before rapping precisely, and with a now steady hand, on the glass separating him from the driver. The tone had droned into a hum that tunelessly dreamt of someday becoming hypnotic. “What is this we are listening to, and is there any way to turn it off?”

“Down, sir, but not off, I’m afraid.” The driver lowered the volume to a level barely audible; this was in some respects even more annoying. “Part of the colony’s ambiance, sir. Part of the design. Won’t be much longer though, sir. We’re almost there.”

My previous story at Nightmare was “Bonfires.” The very busy young editor there, John Joseph Adams, likes ’em weird.