Five Easy Reader Pieces

Five more stories posted today. Several of these were written in the last two decades for a change, so I already had digital copies. The grueling task of cleaning up scans might be approaching its end. (Well…except for the novels. But I can’t bear to think about those just yet.)

  • Great Breakthroughs in Darkness
    • The weirdest of my photography themed stories. Written for the resurrected New Worlds.
  • To Lie Between the Loins of Perky Pat
    • The only salvageable bit of an old novel featuring Philip K. Dick, which was also my first internet publication, as it was posted on the Dark Carnival Online site in the early days of posting things on the internet. Best viewed with Netscape Navigator!
  • The Frigid Ilk of Sarn Kathool
    • A rare excuse to goof around in Clark Ashton Smith mode.
  • Forget You
    • A story entirely inspired by cats getting in and out of laps.
  • Bonfires
    • A story entirely inspired by a hiphop song about having fun on the beach at night. I like to think this story is the complete opposite of that.