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Belated Apologies (A Fragment from My Draft File)

I have been a very bad blogger.  I fear this format does not suit me as well for random ramblings as, say, Facebook.  And I have not contrived a suitably coherent plan of attack to sustain the blog.  What I intend to do, eventually, is make this trickle part of a more substantial website with links to various publications and things of interest.  In the meantime,

Glorious New Header

Thanks to Nicolas Huck (whose website is here), Not So Few Monstrosities now has its own supercool header.  Nicolas is a Facebook acquaintance who thought my previous default WordPress header was quite pathetic, and took it upon himself to remedy the situation.  Jeremiah Tolbert then helped me load the image on the page.  Thank you, friends.  And everyone else should visit their sites, which are over there in my Links section.

Some Suggestions for My Site

I have been getting a lot of suggestions in the comment section. I thought I would share them.  They seem like really good suggestions.  There are so many helpful people out there, willing to pitch in with suggestions!  Here is just a sample:

  • Reseller hosting suggests, “Great article, I completely agree with what your saying – as I have posted a lot of comments here now, I was wondering if you have egold as i have some spare cash in my egold account I want to donate to the site! “
  • Hosting offers this gem:  “I think you should set up some top contributers list every month the way im going!”

Thanks, commenters!  I’m going to just keep adding your great suggestions to this post as they come in.  It really means a lot to me that so many people care to send ideas.