The Gargoyle’s Handbook

From the writer of the blockbuster videogame Half-Life, ten stories of the bard with a gargoyle’s hand.

For over a quarter of a century, Gorlen Vizenfirthe has entertained fans of wandering bards. Famous for playing his silver-strung eduldamer with one hand of flesh and one of stone, he has traveled from the dankest dens of Dankden to the desiccated domiciles of Wumnal Wells, first in search of a gargoyle with a hand of flesh, and then, partnered with said goyle, on the trail of the elusive wizard who swapped their hands in the first place.

The Gargoyle’s Handbook collects for the first time all the Gorlen tales that take place before the events of the novel, Underneath the Oversea. Herein are short stories about sinister cats and singing ships, novelettes of musical curses and trap-setting birds, novellas of transmogrified pilgrims and metaphysical moths—well over a hundred thousand weird and wonderful words, which is barely enough to describe Gorlen’s world.

For fans of Jack Vance, Fritz Leiber, or sword and sorcery with more stringed instruments. For readers of Underneath the Oversea curious to learn how Gorlen found his family. Or for those who simply want a pocket guide to strange new lands. The Gargoyle’s Handbook might be just the handy manual you’ve been looking for.

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White Spawn

Adolescence can be terrifying. The monsters under the bed that frightened us in childhood are replaced by deeper fears, monsters all the more terrible because they just might be real. Kayla’s family has moved to a rural community, and things aren’t great at home. She feels cut off from the real world, and she’s always fighting with her new stepfather. Then one day she discovers a dying salmon on the bank of a stream…

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Half-Life 2

Released In 2004

In the world of video games, as in movies and books, sequels sometimes fail to live up to the promise of their predecessors. Not so with Half-Life 2, the follow-up to Half-Life from Valve Software. Recipient of 39 Game of the Year awards in 2004, and named the Game of the Decade at the 2012 Spike Video Game […]

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Released In 1998

The winner of more than 50 PC Game of the Year awards, Half Life is often considered one of the greatest video games of all time. IGN has claimed that the history of the first-person shooter genre can be broken down “pretty cleanly into pre-Half-Life and post-Half-Life eras.” Marc Laidlaw, who had been interested in interactive […]

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The 37th Mandala

The author of The Orchid Eater returns with a horror novel about mandalas and what they mean to people–including Michael Renzler, who is obsessed with them, and Elias Mooney, who believes they are the root of all evil.

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The Third Force: A Novel of Gadget

Written as a tie-in to the 1993 adventure computer game Gadget, The Third Force tells the story of Elena Hausmann, chief librarian at the Imperial Library and member of the titular Third Force, an underground resistance group attempting to overthrow Lord Paulo Orlovsky, dictator of the Empire. Elena’s discoveries about the mysterious green ore that is used by […]

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The Orchid Eater

Sunshine and surfing. Drugs and grenades. Streetwise preachers and serial killers. There’s a reason the words “troubled” and “youth” go together. Mike James may be young but it would be a stretch to call him troubled. He’s never been laid. He fears he never will be. The only fact of life that seems inevitable is […]

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