It is September 9, 2050. The great state of California is turning two hundred. And it is anything but coincidence that at midnight on the eve of the bicentennial, a child named Calafia Figueroa is born in a flagrant grab at publicity. Born…and then immediately kidnapped by a shadowy cult with its own ideas about […]

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Neon Lotus

A finalist for the 1988 Philip K. Dick award, Neon Lotus is a colorful adventure of Buddhist cosmology set in a futuristic Tibet. It begins with the assassination of a Tibetan scientist, creator of a “Bardo Device” that tags and follows souls from one life to the next. Identifying this soul’s next incarnation as the […]

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Dad’s Nuke

First published in 1985, this satiric suburban take on cyberpunk imagined a rapidly approaching future that is now rapidly dwindling in our rear-view mirror: The far-flung year of 1998. Against a background of anarchy and apocalypse, white suburban families have withdrawn into fortified enclaves, where they struggle to conform in a world where life has […]

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